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As a loving companion with many talents, the German Shepherd has been appreciated for more than a century. Its name already suggests: like its ancestor, it was originally used as a herd-bred dog and has proved its worth as a guard dog. Thanks to his prudence, his lively nature and his social behavior, he can do a lot more.


The German Shepherd is medium-sized, slightly stretched, strong and well muscled, the bones dry and the overall structure solid.



The German Shepherd must be well-balanced by the nature, nerve-resistant, self-assured, absolutely unobtrusive and (outside of an irritation) benign, attentive and leading. It must have drive behavior, resilience and self-assurance in order to be suitable as companion, guard, guard, service and guard dog.

Assra vom Tegelweiher

Bona vom Wackerland

Cahli vom Wackerland