offspring on the 04.07.2020 -+-  C-Litter

Entry from 06.07.2020
The kennel from Wackerland has given birth again, on July 4th, 2020 four puppies were born.

1 male and 3 girls

Thanks again to Thomas Altenburger and Isabell Thieringer for the great support.

Mating on the 03.05.2020 -+-  C-Litter

Entry from 04.05.2020

 Pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound 

This connection is a litter repetition, since the first offspring are top-rated in performance and health.

offspring on the 31.10.2017 -+-  B-Litter

Entry from 01.11.2017

The kennel "vom Wackerland" got offspring again.


From yesterday evening until this morning my Assra from Tegelweiher gave birth to 6 tight puppies.


5 boys and 1 girl.


Thanks to all those who have accompanied this litter.

Thanks again to Thomas Altenburger and his entire team.

Mating on the 30.08.2017 -+-  B-Litter

Entry from 01.09.2017

Due to the genetic quality of the stud dog, Dronko vom Alten Fürsterhaus,
i chosed this connection.

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 l: Ulrich Helgert,
Breeder of my dog, Assra vom Tegelweiher

r: Max Helgert,
All the time away an breeding companion

r: Thomas Altenburger,
Stud dog owner, Dronko vom Alten Försterhaus