Litter planning -+-  D-Litter

Entry from 23.01.2021

We have planned offspring again this year!

Due to the genetic properties of both dogs, we decided on the connection between male Hobart vom Grauen Star and my self-bred bitch Bona vom Wackerland.

You can find all information on working-dog.

offspring on the 04.07.2020 -+-  C-Litter

Entry from 06.07.2020

The kennel from Wackerland has given birth again, on July 4th, 2020 four puppies were born.
1 male and 3 girls
Thanks again to Thomas Altenburger and Isabell Thieringer for the great support.

Mating on the 03.05.2020 -+-  C-Litter

Entry from 04.05.2020

 Pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound 

This connection is a litter repetition, since the first offspring are top-rated in performance and health.

offspring on the 31.10.2017 -+-  B-Litter

Entry from 01.11.2017

The kennel "vom Wackerland" got offspring again.


From yesterday evening until this morning my Assra from Tegelweiher gave birth to 6 tight puppies.


5 boys and 1 girl.


Thanks to all those who have accompanied this litter.

Thanks again to Thomas Altenburger and his entire team.

Mating on the 30.08.2017 -+-  B-Litter

Entry from 01.09.2017

Due to the genetic quality of the stud dog, Dronko vom Alten Fürsterhaus,
i chosed this connection.

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.9 MB

 l: Ulrich Helgert,
Breeder of my dog, Assra vom Tegelweiher

r: Max Helgert,
All the time away an breeding companion

r: Thomas Altenburger,
Stud dog owner, Dronko vom Alten Försterhaus